Breaking Stereotypes – Invisible Braces for Adults

Breaking Stereotypes – Invisible Braces for Adults

Patients seek to look more presentable and focus on the aesthetic while getting braces or any other surgery for their teeth. Adults are often concerned about their appearance in the professional world, which may be compromised by wearing braces at such an age. With the help of invisible braces, these problems of the image can be solved easily as recent advances have paid attention to the importance of appearing the best in the world and also keeping our teeth healthy. Researchers and doctors brought out tooth-colored braces to help with this aspect. However, the braces failed because of many disadvantages. Invisalign, introduced in 1999, was a new type of invisible braces that makes teeth alignment journey inconspicuous.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Invisible Braces 

Invisible braces are the future of orthodontics, and most adults are going for them so that it doesn’t compromise their professional and personal life, which has a lot to do with our look and image. Invisalign is thin and transparent and can be removed compared to other braces. The main benefits of this product are that it is comfortable and precise. There are no metal brackets or any kind of wiring attached to the effect that will harm the gums or create ulcers. Many patients also have a problem with metal liners that can poke and lead to bleeding. These braces give a lot of confidence to the owner and lead to less frequent trips to the dental clinic. These braces are removable, which leads to better oral hygiene. 

However, invisible braces also have their disadvantages. The most crucial disadvantage is that it is removable; the patient can forget to put them on or keep them on for 22 hours daily. It requires a lot of motivation from the patient to wear it. The braces also should be removed during meals. It is extremely important to maintain stringent oral care as well as aligner cleanliness to avoid dental cavities.

Braces Demand in India


According to statistical analysis, the dental prices market in India is set to grow at a rate of 6.7% between 2022 and 2027.

The market is going to be worth 5.7 billion. Bracing cost in India varies between states and also according to the product quality. Invisible braces are nearly undetectable and high in demand, and can be more expensive than other regular prices. Clear aligners are used to correct misaligned teeth and provide transparency so that it does not compromise the wearer’s look. Also, you can go for regular ordinary braces, mainly worn by teenagers, and have metal brackets. These braces need to be worn for 12 months to 36 months. You also have ceramic braces, which are tooth colored but require extra care due to the fragility of the material. Bracing cost in India for these kinds of braces is high as they provide a lot of restrictions when it comes to your habits. These are also quite well-known among the younger generation and can cost between 40 to 80,000 rupees depending on the quality of the product.  


It’s best not to compromise the health of your teeth. If you want to make an impression on the outside world and have a great personal life, your oral health needs to be up to date. It is recommended visit a doctor as soon as possible and get their opinion on what kind of braces you should wear. Invest in your future by investing in your teeth today.