Bleeding Gums are not Normal – Gum Protection Guide

Healthy gums are paramount for long lasting set of natural teeth. Dentists can only mimic natural tooth forms, nothing beats saving god gifted beauty! A lot of emphasis is always put on brushing to keep the teeth clean, but flossing is equally important to protect gum margins. Rinsing after every meal helps in removing lodged food particles.


  1. BRUSH RELIGIOUSLY: A dentist can never stop emphasizing on correct way of brushing twice daily as night-time brushing is more crucial to dampen bacterial spirits. Most people avoid brushing in areas of bleeding gums further aggravating the situation. The key is to brush in circular motion to ensure proper cleaning of gum margins even in presence of bleeding gums.



  1. FLOSS SHOULDN’T GO FOR A TOSS: Flossing is not popular in India due to the misconception of being cumbersome, difficult and UNNECESSARY. Practically, 35% of your tooth surface gets missed out in the absence of flossing due to inaccessibility of the toothbrush between the teeth. Gums are more susceptible to bleeding due to plaque/tartar deposits hidden in difficult to reach areas. FLOSS JUST ONCE DAILY!


  1. STRAIGHTEN YOUR SMILE: Crooked, rotated, malaligned and crowded teeth are invariably difficult to maintain and attract food deposits despite best attempts at brushing. It is highly recommended to correct teeth alignment issues either with braces or clear aligners  (Yes, it is possible at any AGE!) Dental Panache, Gurgaon Dental Clinic offers Invisalign and other aligner options by best orthodontist in Gurgaon to shift your teeth in the most discreet manner.


  1. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Eating a well-nourished balanced diet, regular exercise, meditation, positive outlook and philanthropic deeds help in cutting down stress and maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul! Your boosted natural immunity can combat minor infections without intervention. Infuse your system with healthy freshly prepared food loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants and limit snacking on sugar laden sticky stuff in between meals.

  1. QUIT TOBACCO CONSUMPTION: Smoking leads to early onset of gum diseases, impairs healing due to weakened immune function and contributes in progression of disease.  Effect is multifold when combined with alcohol consumptions and poor oral hygiene regimens. A sincere check on your habits will certainly help in promoting stronger teeth in healthy gums.


  1. REGULAR DENTAL VISITS: Unfortunately, dental ailments do not trouble you at all in early stages leading to the misconception- ALL IS WELL! A dental cavity or initial stage of gum disorder will never hurt until allowed to mature into graver issues. Regular professional cleaning and polishing of teeth steer away unwanted plaque/tartar deposits accumulated over time. Annual dental visits will ensure your teeth support you as long as you last!



  1. HOME REMEDIES: Few simple tried and tested tips to improve and maintain healthy gums include warm saline rinses, oil pulling with cold pressed oil, massaging gums with mustard oil and rock salt and rinsing with water stirred with alum. Turmeric can be added to the rinses for antiseptic effect.

There is enough GUM in LIFE and this GUM should certainly be the least of your worries. Follow simple basic oral care tips and tricks daily to preserve a heathy shining care-free SMILE! Dental Panache, best dental clinic in Gurgaon, offers quality dental services at affordable prices with a flourishing team of experienced and empathetic specialists.



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