Best emergency dental care in Gurgaon at Dental Panache

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Best emergency dental care in Gurgaon at Dental Panache

Dental emergencies can happen in the playground, during an injury, or even at home. While most people ensure that they never overlook medical emergencies, somehow dental emergency is not given prime importance. If you don’t receive emergency dental care services on time, it can turn into a major problem.

A lot of people don’t know what the difference between a dental problem and a dental emergency is. If you get an injury, are bleeding from the mouth, have uncontrollable tooth pain, or cannot control the infection with medications then these conditions fall under emergency dental care services.

During the time of emergency, you need an expert who you can totally rely upon. You can trust completely trust Dental Panache. They have a team of highly qualified dentists who have years of experience and expertise, so you know with them you’re in safe hands.

Know how to respond to a dental emergency

Here are some basic guidelines to know if you have any signs of a dental emergency.

  • Teeth or facial injury

If your permanent tooth has been knocked out due to an injury or accident, you need to be extra careful. Keep the tooth safely, you can either put it back in its original place or place it in milk. Rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water and get emergency dental care at the earliest.

Don’t attempt to put back baby teeth into the socket as this could permanently damage the teeth developing beneath the gums. In some other situations like if the tooth has been displaced or moved from its position or is fractured you should not delay going to the dentist.

At Dental Panache, you get the best dental care services and emergency dental care for you and your entire family. You can also get in touch with expert dentists for cosmetic and general dentistry services.

  • Severe tooth pain

Severe tooth pain is something that cannot be overlooked. Whether it is due to an infection or the pain doesn’t subside after a dental procedure like – tooth extraction, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth extraction, etc., you can term it as emergency dental services. Tooth pain is usually a sign of tooth decay and if detected at an early stage you can save your tooth before the infection reaches deep inside the pulp or even the bone surrounding the tooth. The sooner the treatment starts, the higher the chances become of saving the tooth.

Sudden inability to close mouth

Sometimes a person suffers from dislocated jaw during an injury or excessive mouth opening or yawning which could lead to inability to close mouth and extreme pain as well. If you face this kind of situation, don’t panic and get emergency dental services. Your jaw can be relocated to its original place.

You never know when a dental emergency strikes, so it is always best to keep the contact details of an emergency dentist in your area.

If you’re looking for the best emergency dentist in Gurgaon, then Dental Panache is the one-stop solution. Get complete emergency dental care services for all families. The main services offered include – cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, dental veneers, tooth extraction, kids dentist. There are various special treatments also that are offered at the clinic and they include – sedation dentistry, pediatric dentistry and braces, and aligners.