Best Dental Clinic For Braces Near Me – Dental Panache

Best Dental Clinic For Braces Near Me – Dental Panache

Braces treatment has really gained momentum in the past decades. It is a common sight to find people of every age group flaunting braces these days. I would attribute this phenomenon to two major reasons. First, our jaw size has reduced with evolution without any significant difference in teeth size making it difficult to attain proper teeth alignment naturally. This also makes the eruption of the third molar difficult which typically starts erupting after 18 years of age. As a result, the recurrent forces from the wisdom tooth, which is trying to make space in the mouth, push the front teeth forward disturbing the alignment and demanding correction yet again!

Second, a properly aligned set of straight teeth has become extremely desirable in the “Selfie Era” where your face constitutes 80% of the pictures. No wonder so many adults are opting for teeth straightening in order to flash their beautiful and radiant confident smiles!

Following are a few tips to help you pick a dental clinic for braces treatment in your vicinity:


Braces treatment is a long-drawn process typically lasting 14-20 months depending on the case. Monthly appointments are scheduled for changing the wire and gradually applying pressure on the teeth for shifting them within the bone. It is always advised to pick a dental clinic that is convenient and closely located near your home or workplace. More importantly, please make sure that the appointment timing is suitable for both you and your child.


Always trust the specialist! Orthodontists are best trained for conducting braces treatment. Always find a consultant Orthodontist from a reputed dental institute with training in the latest treatment modalities. The skill and experience of the orthodontist will determine the success of the treatment and smooth management in challenging cases.


Most dental clinics offer free braces consultation which enables you to window shop and research thoroughly before committing your precious time and money. Invest your time in striking the right chord with your dentist by properly understanding all the treatment options, total duration, and cost involved.


There are multiple treatment options for smile correction including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, Invisalign, etc. The recent computer-designed clear aligners are almost inconspicuous and enable teeth straightening with greater precision by predicting the outcome before starting the treatment.  At Dental Panache, we invest our time in educating the patients about the pros and cons of different options available for our patients.


Since there is no standardization of charges in dental clinics, it is always advised to understand the complete fee structure involved thoroughly because the cost varies from clinic to clinic depending on the case.


Please ensure if the quoted amount involves the cost of retainers. Retainers are equally important as the main treatment to avoid relapse as teeth tend to shift back after the removal of braces. There should be no surprises for you at the completion of treatment about the additional costs involved.


Referrals and word of mouth are always trustworthy. Google reviews are by default the most reliable digital word of mouth to gain credibility about the dental clinic and the entire team of consultants.


Hygiene is paramount! Always make sure that all the dental equipment is sterilized before use. Braces appointments last more than a year and it is extremely important that the dentists and staff are friendly working in a relaxed environment. The dental staff should always make you smile brighter in every visit.


Every dental clinic has its own payment collection distribution during the treatment. Some charge the whole amount before commencing the process while others split it over a couple of months. Make sure you discuss the mode of payment and the flexibility of installments that fits your budget.


Braces treatment involves multiple attachments in your mouth in the form of bands, coil springs, brackets, wires, elastics, etc. which may come out or poke you during the course of the treatment. Please ensure that you are not charged extra for managing these poking wires or loose brackets.

The Orthodontist in Dental Panache is from Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences and has been successfully treating both children and adults. We offer a wide range of treatment options at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us at 7290073613 for free orthodontic consultation of general checkup in Gurgaon.