Benefits of Composite Fillings

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Traditionally, dentists have always used an amalgam, or special metal alloy to fill cavities. However, modern dentistry has advanced to the point that patients have better options for filling holes caused by tooth decay: composite filling. This blog explains this topic in detail.

History of fillings: Earlier there were not many choices for dental restoration materials. Records from as back as 659 A.D. tell us that amalgams (A mixture of mercury, silver, tin, and copper) have been used for more than 1300 years. There have been several scientific disputes over the ill effects of using mercury. But until recently, amalgam fillings were favored due to their strength, endurance, and ease of preparation and placement. Despite these positive qualities, amalgams had three major drawbacks.

These types of fillings are not aesthetically pleasing and may corrode or stain teeth. For these fillings, some healthy tooth structure needs to be removed. An amalgam filling can expand and contract, which can cause your teeth to crack.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings: The latest technology in dentistry offers several options for dental restorations. The most common types of fillings are made of gold, composite, amalgam, or porcelain. Composite fillings are preferred because they are:

1- Tooth-colored
2- Strong
3- Requires very little removal of healthy tooth structure
4- Can be placed in a single visit
5- Allows easy identification of tooth decay
6- Bonds very well to enamel

Plastic and powdered glass are used to make composite resin filling. This is then placed directly on the thin layers of the tooth, later it is shaped and polished. A special curing light source is used to speed up the bonding process. Since composite fillings are natural-looking, generally more durable than porcelain, much cheaper than gold, and as these fillings do not expand and contract like amalgam fillings, patients mostly prefer composite fillings.

At Dental Panache, we use the best quality material to give long lasting results. Highly polishable and lustrous fillings are done on front teeth to mimic the natural ones and high strength fillings are done on back teeth. We also do medicated fillings in deep cavities to protect the underlying nerve fires. We specialize in properly carved dental restorations which resemble the rest of your teeth.

The experts at Dental Panache always consider their clients as extended family and advice the most conservative treatment option to protect your smile. Visit today for a routine checkup!