Anti Aging Dental Therapy- Uplift Your Smile

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Anti Aging Dental Therapy- Uplift Your Smile

AGING is inevitable, yet PROCRASTINATION is the vital key! The anti-aging industry is buzzing with skincare products, anti-aging devices, plastic surgery options, botox injections, superfoods, etc., and growing enormously by the year. Given the pollution levels, harsh sun exposure, erratic lifestyle, and injected food items, our FACE is giving up much sooner than the rest of our body. The first sign of skin changes and wrinkles are often displayed on the face well ahead of time. Internet is brimming with anti-aging secrets and formulas, and the least discussed one remains SMILE ENHANCEMENT!

Dental Cosmetic Dentistry can be your magic wand to instantly transform your image without any drastic noticeable change. With technological advances, smile designing has become quick, predictable, and long-lasting. Let’s explore the subtle changes that can be achieved with simple esthetic dentistry solutions:

  1. WORN DOWN TEETH: Your teeth are no different from the rest of your body and are susceptible to wear and tear with age. Your bite actually supports the lower third of the face, and a decrease in tooth height gradually results in a wrinkled appearance around the mouth. The bite is usually raised with the help of crowns or onlays on back teeth and veneers or crowns on front teeth to correct droopy lips and impart their fullness. Clenchers/bruxers or patients with pre-existing TMJ problems are usually put on deprogrammers.

  2. DULL YELLOW/STAINED TEETH: Loss of enamel with age starts revealing dull yellow-colored dentin layer of teeth. While superficial stains accumulated over the years can be reduced with professional cleaning and polishing of teeth, inherent tooth color can only be changed with teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. The results of professional whitening last anywhere between 6-12 months but veneers easily last a decade if maintained properly.

  3. BLACK SMILE ANGLES: Ravages of time impairs both the facial appearance and tooth structure, resulting in darkened spaces at the corner of the mouth. A fresh and fuller smile can be created with minimally invasive porcelain veneer covering the front surfaces of teeth to fix impaired shape, size, and teeth alignment. Adding volume to the teeth enhances the smile, and a whiter shade makes you look younger.

  4. SAGGING CHEEKS: Missing teeth remain the main culprit for sagging cheeks! It may seem losing a few teeth mean no harm, but every tooth has its importance in the arch in balancing your smile. Even a single missing tooth has the potential of disrupting your biting forces by causing the shifting of neighboring and opposing teeth. Switch to dental implants to rehabilitate missing spaces in your mouth to avoid jowls and hanging skin! Dental Panache offers affordable implant solutions to suit your needs.

  5. CHIPPED/BROKEN TEETH: The inherent strength of teeth comes down with time due to enamel loss, and they become prone to fracture. Gums recede, exposing tooth roots making teeth susceptible to decay, further weakening tooth structure. Take charge of your oral health and ensure timely management with the help of a crown and bridge to preserve remaining natural tooth forms. Customized smile designing options will mend your smile both esthetically and functionally.

  6. SPACING/CROWDING OF TEETH: Bone density deteriorates with age resulting in spacing between the teeth (especially in post-menopausal women). Short teeth with spacing are prone to food impaction leading to decay bad smell from mouth and gum pockets. Overlapping teeth become increasingly difficult to maintain. Clear Aligners (wireless plastic trays) can be employed to correct teeth alignment issues permanently at any age!

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