Are you flabbergasted by the sheer number of dentists in your vicinity? How would you decide which is the “best dentist near me”? Since no one likes to visit a dentist in general, it is crucial to find the right dentist to get the desired treatment seamlessly. Here is an insider view of analyzing a dental practice for choosing the best dental clinic in Gurgaon:

  • WORD OF MOUTH: There is nothing more powerful than a recommendation from someone trustworthy. Always try and find a tried and tested dentist from someone in your network like friends, family, colleagues, forums, etc.

  • GOOGLE REVIEWS: Always check out the reviews on Google or any other reputed platform before choosing a dental clinic. Please remember that the top listing on Google are often paid advertisements and not necessarily the best ones around. Always scan the reviews keenly to filter fake reviews from genuine ones and sort the reviews focusing more on the newest/recent feedback.

  • LOCATION AND TIMING: It is often advised to pick a dentist in the vicinity so that you save time commuting in case of multiple appointments. Even dental emergencies can be promptly handled if you find a dentist located close to your home or office. Since most of the dentists work on a prior appointment basis, it is important to check that their working hours are convenient for you as well.

  • DISINFECTION AND STERILISATION: Did you know that a dental clinic can be a potential source of deadly diseases like Hepatitis B, AIDS, Covid infection, etc. It is imperative that the dental office takes all necessary outlined disinfection and sterilization protocols to avoid cross-contamination. Some commonly used methods are UV disinfectants, Class B Autoclave, air purifiers with good quality HEPA filters, high volume suction devices, etc.

  • ADOPTION OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Dentistry is evolving at lightning-fast speed ensuring long-lasting results in a shorter period of time. Artificial intelligence incorporated clear aligners, 3D printing of dentures, digital smile designing, 3D intra-oral scanners are a few examples of the practical application of technology adopted by dentists to ensure the best quality treatment with predictable results.

  • PRICING: Dental treatment charges vary significantly depending on the expertise of the dentist, quality of dental materials, investment in technology, range of equipment, associated dental laboratories/technicians, warranty, etc. You should never make your choices based solely on pricing because low-quality or inefficient dental treatment will end up being more expensive in the long run, both in terms of pain/discomfort and total expenditure. Always look for value for money and never compromise on your health!

  • TRUST: The most important factor remains your trust and faith in your doctor. It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with the dentist for consultation and take a final call based on your experience. Always take the internet information with a pinch of salt and use your own judgment before going ahead with your dental treatment. The overall look and feel of the dental clinic and the attitude of the dentist/staff should be taken into consideration to ensure smooth transactions.

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Patient education remains at the core of our practice to help you maintain your natural teeth as well as dental restorations in the future. We offer flexible working hours to suit your routine and keep sufficient time gaps between appointments to ensure proper sterilization and disinfection of the operatory. The completion of the treatment is marked by your satisfaction! We take immense pride in following up with all our patients personally post the treatment to ensure their wellbeing. We build relationships, not clients!