Our lives are heavily influenced by social media and it is almost impossible to NOT fall prey to umpteen supposedly safe DIY options! If we are all so different inherently, how can ONE method or technique work equally for each one of us? “ONE SMILE FITS ALL” can never hold true because your SMILE is as unique as your FINGERPRINT! Do not restrict the use of FILTERS to enhance your Instagram pictures but APPLY FILTERS IN YOUR BRAIN against harmful trendsetting propagandas. A practicing dentist in Gurgaon at Dental Panache would like to warn you against these latest dental trends.


CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENINGActivated Charcoal seems like the magic wand these days solving every problem like acne, black head, oily hair, hangover, and even YELLOW TEETH. This ingredient has surely penetrated the market like a storm finding its space in multiple sections of health and beauty. While the porous nature allows absorption of contaminants/toxins, it is certainly very abrasive for your teeth. It facilitates teeth whitening by stripping away enamel thereby removing stains giving instant gratification. Incorrect or excessive use may expose underlying dentin layer which is inherently yellow in colour and also results in teeth sensitivity. Play safe and opt for professional teeth whitening instead! Teeth cannot regrow/ regenerate again like hair or skin- THINK TWICE BEFORE EXPERIMENTING! Consult Dr. Shefali Sood, a best dentist in Gurgaon at Dental Panache, and discuss professional teeth whitening options.





It is indeed a fad to get piercings and tattoos anywhere and everywhere possible but piercings in and around the mouth can be potentially dangerous. Lip and Tongue piercing can damage the nerve, promote food impaction and bacterial contamination leading to gum infections.





The advent of technology has definitely helped us in achieving predictable results, but claims of attaining straighter teeth without visiting a dentist are surely amusing! School kids are adopting rubber bands, paper clips etc. to shift teeth. Various companies have started supplying aligners to patients directly to correct teeth alignment with the bait of saving cost or Dental Cosmetic Surgery. Teeth movement occurs gradually and constant supervision by a Professional Dentist is imperative to ensure proper esthetics in relation to facial features, bite correction and monitor gum health. The Internet is also afloat with unsuccessful stories resulting in greater time, money and frustration in attaining desirable results. Always consult a skilled Orthodontist for any kind of braces or aligner treatment.



Even though umpteen celebrities are spotted with flashy dental grills, this trend should be imbibed cautiously. Dental grills are bejeweled removable dental appliances covering the front surface of your teeth made with precious or base metals. Maintaining oral hygiene is paramount while flaunting grills to avoid food impaction and subsequent teeth decay, bad smell and gum problems. Inappropriate fabrication or usage may result in chipped tooth structure, receding gums, ulcers, and allergic reaction. Always consult your dentist before tempering with your mouth!

Following trends is easy but setting trends makes all the DIFFERENCE! Chose wisely and never follow the absurd DIY videos blindly without doing your due diligence. Dental Panache, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, houses specialists from reputed Dental Institute of the country and firmly believes in keeping your best interest in the forefront! When in doubt about these trendy quick fixes, visit us and get educated about attaining your desired healthy smile!

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